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For small manufacturers, distributors, and retailers, nothing is ultimately more important than finding profitable new products. Without new products, eventually competition will wipe out your profits or your products will become obsolete. But finding new products is difficult and time consuming whether it is through suppliers or doing the R&D on your own.


aShoGi was created after one of its founders witnessed a family manufacturing business slowly die due to lack of innovative new products. The challenge of maintaining profitability and growth is very real!

aShoGi helps with this challenge. Members of our site - government scientists, university researchers, individual inventors, and even other businesses, are ooking for someone to license their concepts or distribute and sell their new products.

Join now to find hundreds of potential new products, or post an RFP and have potential innovation partners pitch you on their ideas and products.

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  • Search through hundreds of potential products to sell, while easily filtering out the winning ideas from the masses of options.

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  • Review industry analytics to understand the changes in your market

  • Access our resources center to learn about licensing third party technology and using cutting edge innovations developed in high tech government labs like NASA's JPL and university labs ranging from Harvard and MIT to your local state schools.

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